Thanks for your interest in our website and cat-sitting service!

If you would like us to look after your cat, please find below details of our pricing.

  • Standard price: £15 per visit

This price is for up to 3 cats.

  • For any additional cats, please add an extra £1 per visit.

There is an additional charge per day for Bank Holidays as follows (regardless of the number of visits or cats):

  • Good Friday and Easter Monday, also other Bank Holiday Mondays – £5 extra per day
  • Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – £10 extra per day

Each visit will last up to 30 minutes.

What will we do in a visit?

  • We will feed your cat, and make sure they have fresh water.
  • We will clean feeding bowls and mat.
  • We will clean the litter tray.
  • We will fuss and care for your cat, and make sure they are well-looked after.
  • We can also help with other tasks within the time of the visit. For example, we can bring in the post, turn on / off lights, open / close curtains, or water plants.  

Payment and Billing

We require payment in advance, by cash or by bank transfer.